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Video Links For Opening of the
Magna Charta Exhibit
The Constitution Center - July 4 - July 25, 2007

July 3, 2007 - Magna Charta at the Constitution Center

A press event introduced the Exhibit with a row of very professional looking cameras and members of the media. I was pleased that a small camera was at the end of the row and I was able to film the event.

We have prepared  video using the new Microsoft Silverlight program. When you move the curser to the top of the small screen there are thumbnails for each of the talks and we shortly plan to put text into the tuumbnails. In the meantime the sections can be viewed independently in the following paragraphs. The Video

Joseph Torcella, President and CEO of the Constitution Center, introduced the Exhibit and the play provided by the American Venture Summer Camp.  2007Video/Intro1.wmv or 2007Video/Introduction.wmv

The Play was performed about the Magna Charta. 2007Video/Play.wmv

William B. Peterson, President of Verizon, welcomed the Exhibit and introduced James Earl Jones.

James Earl Jones read portions of the Declaration of Independence.2007Video/JamesEarlJones.wmv

Reg Weaver, President of the National Education Association, welcomed the Exhibit.

Patrick R. Gaston, President of the Verizon Foundation, welcomed the Exhibit. 2007Video/PatrickRGaston.wmv

Patrick R. Gaston invited the speakers and the Mayor of Lincoln and Dean Buckler of Lincoln Cathedral to cut the ribbon 2007Video/TheExhibit.wmv


Magna Carta Exhibit in Virginia BeachSilverlightLink

Magna Carta USA Week, July 2007



Opening the Magna Carta


Excellent Information from Sotheby's On Magna Carta: Link

Note we have been given permission to reproduce the text. You may view the pictures by purchasing the catalogue.

Magna Carta Exhibit Luncheon 2002


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