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National Society Magna Charta Dames and Barons

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Magna Charta Exhibit Opening July 3, 2002

Washington DC Luncheon and Dinner Presentations
1998 James Humes, Esquire OBE
1999 Dr. Ray Raymond OBE
2001 Arabella Churchill
2003 Hon. Ron Sarasin
2004 Dean Alec Knight - Dinner Page
2005 Tim Guy - Dinner Page
2006 Lewis L. Neilson Jr. Dinner Page
2007 Chancellor Mike West    Dinner Page
2008 Wayne Valis    Dinner Page

England Tour 2001

Mary Churchill, October 7, 2004

Sir Robert Worcester 2005 Low Res Higher Res
Text of Talk

Lewis L. Neilson, Jr.
Report given April 15, 2006 Low Res Higher Res
Presentation given April 15, 2006 "Magna Charta and the Other Cherters" Low Res Higher 
Dinner Page

Lincoln UK 2006 Links Page

Virginia Beach 2007 Links Page

Constitution Center 2007 Links Page

Hon. Ashley Mote - February 24, 2008
David Rubenstein, Esq. - March 24, 2008
Francis Neate, Esq. - June 23, 2008

Lincoln UK Conference June 2008 Links Page

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